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el Snackie has its origins in the traditional Mexican snack and street food culture. It's a traditional and popular snack that can be found on every street corner and is enjoyed by everyone from school kids to grandma. It's usually sold straight from the bike stand in little bags with a squeeze of lime and chili sauce. The usual name of this street snack is "Chicharrones". Whether it's a celebration, an evening of a series, chilling with friends or just for in between, Chicharrones are a must! With el Snackie we bring you this all-rounder snack, which you can enjoy individually with dips, salsas and guacamole, to Europe.

Its unique taste and its natural properties: vegetarian, without flavor enhancers and without preservatives, make el Snackie a perfect snack for German and European snack fans who like to avoid additives.

Go snackies

Muy delicious!

Our product stands for international gastronomic diversity and intercultural snack culture.

We look forward to bringing a piece of Mexican street foots straight to your home with el Snackie.

You can now enjoy the traditional snack from the streets of Mexico anywhere and for any occasion.

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